Thom Défilet

Hey you, behind that screen!

Let me introduce myself.. My name is Thom Défilet and I am the founder and proud owner of the online marketing agency ‘4yourbrand’. With a heart for marketing and branding, I have helped many entrepreneurs to grow online with their company or organization over the past years. I started early. Ever since I was little I have always been very creative and entrepreneurial. I always had the biggest plans and believed in them like no other, haha.

I’ve tried and done everything. From making YouTube videos to selling watches in the schoolyard during my high school days. At the age of 16 I decided to quit my side job at the supermarket and started my frist company, ‘4yourbrand’. It started simple in my attic room with paper and a pencil, but nowadays 4yourbrand deals with the branding and online marketing of many companies on a daily basis.

After years of knowledge and experience within the industry, my goal is to introduce as many entrepreneurs as possible to the power of online.

We live in an online world where everything starts getting more digitized, automated and robotized. My goal is to fully utilize the ultimate freedom that today’s online world has to offer with and for my team, clients and own companies and projects. 

4yourbrand is not just a full service marketing agency, but an innovative company consisting of young enthusiastic and studious entrepreneurs who want to make a difference in this world. In addition to helping our customer grow, 4yourbrand also manages an online platform (DNOB.nl) and we are active in e-commerce in various areas. We are at home in many areas and we are building an empire that provides added value in all areas in the worldwide market.

Everything revolves around growing online together. It doesn’t matter if you’re just ready for a new step or if you’ve never been online at all. Standing out and market your business online involves much more than having a good website and a beautiful business card. 4yourbrand helps and teaches the entrepreneur to dominate the online world with their company.

“Does your website or webshop cost more money than it earns you? Then something goes wrong!”

Do you want to grow your business online and also as an entrepreneur? Then stop searching immediately. You’re at the right place.

The goal of 4yourbrand is to help you as an entrepreneur as best as possible with your website and online business.